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Hanko(insho; inban) is an official or private seal engraved with the name of the emperor, shogun to individuals who endorse the document is genuine. Japanese customs no legal documents are valid unless the seal is chopped next to the hand written signatures. The oldest and impressive golden seal was found in 1784 in Kyushu, southern island, this precious chop is believed to present to the ruler of Japan in A.D.0057 by Chinese (Han Dynasty) emperor.
Though the Imperial Seal was discontinued after World War II.
Individuals must register their real seal (jitsuin) nearby local government offices which keep the an impression on their record. Legal document such as borrowing money and writing a letter of attorney,this jitsuin chop really work on the paper. Though we have ATM machine, Japanese draw checks with their name plus hanko, for big money. Signatures are not good enough.

All the pictures are on registration, but free to use, their copyright still belongs to us.

In Japan people put their own seal on the document, in addition to your own signature, to verify your identity, they are called Han or Hanko. Everybody has one. We will translate your name into Kanji characters and create just like the Japanese people in Japan.
Font Example and Design, they writing style and example will pop upc.
You look for a name of oneself from a list.
Please find your name, and press GO, and jump to table page.
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It is fun to have your own stamp.
We carry 1670 names which covers most of the popular Anglo-Saxon names, and five font styles for the time being, we will update with more font in the future. These are our original traditional Japanese style.
We have some sample names transformed into artistic hanko format of splendid character out of 50,000 letters.
This is the beginning to understand Japan, as a hanko, its doorstep into cultural entry. In the future we will have great combination of name, font and design.
We are going to increase our capabilities, at first, we offer your own transformed Kanji creation services. If you like, you can place an order as something like a fine quality rubber stamp of yourself.
Would you please give us your idea, or comment on this page, we will work hard to have better services.
Japanese culture, "Hanko" was used just like the signature. On an adulthood day young people make their first chop. The receipt is invalid unless the valid stamp is impressed. Identification card or legal document, such as borrowing big money, or to buy a house, this chop is a must. Many religious people collect either 33 in Western Japan, or 88 pilgrimage temples on Shikoku Island. After you receive these beautiful handwritten calligraphy of the name of the Buddhist temple by a vermilion stamp.
If you travel to Japan, you can start stamp collecting some, these booklet will become your personal treasures of Japan.
These original font is published under copyright and a property of Maruokahakusyu, Inc.
We have Hakusyu tensyo(stylish and dignified), Hakusyukointai(Japan's traditional style), Hakushureisyo(created in Qin period, China, simplified tensho version),Hakushukaisyo(standard square writing), Hakushugyosyo(semi-cursive writing). Your hanko image is just a click of your mouse, and then you will find picture file. Then combine your type of design, and then you can put this into PDF file, or attach this your postcard or the ending of your word processed letters.
Or you can also fix to your Home Page, HTML, or try other fruitful way. Your chop on your books in your own library will heighten your image.